Zebrawood Knife Scales

Microberlinia brazzavillensis
Other names: Zebrano
Family: Astronium
Natural Range: West Africa

Zebrawood is grown in the West Africa region, the trees can grow up to 70 – 135 feet with a truck diameter of 3-5 feet wide.  Zebrawood is often used for veneers, tool handles, boat building, and knife handles.

ZebraWood Description:

Zebrawood tree Exotic knife scales | Rundle woodworks

Zebrawood has a light brown or cream color with black streaks resembling zebra stripes.  Zebrawood is dense and hearty, I would make sure you have a sharp blade before milling it.  There is a mild Oder while cutting the wood, a respirator is recommended. 

Zebrawood Knife Scales: 

Zebrawood is one of my favorite species to make knife scales out of.   If you’re looking for an easy species to work with I would recommend purchasing these knife scales!