Yellow Heart Knife Scales

Euxylophora paraensis
Family: Altingiaceae
Other names: Pau Amarello
Natural Range: Brazil 
Yellow heart ranges from a pale to a golden yellow color, depending on the sapwood.  The trees can from up to 130 feet in the right conditions with a truck diameter of about 3-5 feet.  Yellow heart  has large leaves that can grow upwards of 10 inches long with fragrant flowers.
Yellow Heart Description:
 Yellow Heart Tree
Yellow heart has a mildly unpleasant Oder while working it, I would recommend wearing a respirator.  Make sure you cover up as it’s sawdust has been known to cause skin rashes.
Yellow Heart Knife Scales: 

It’s relatively easy to work with for both hand and power tools, although I did have to sharpen my tools after using it.  Yellow heart is a very distinctive wood that makes for a unique knife handle.