Tiger Wood Knife Scales

Astronium graveolens
Other names: , Jobillo 
Family: Anacardiaceae
Natural Range: From Mexico southward to Brazil 
Tiger wood is found from Mexico southward to Brazil.  The trees can grow up to 125 feet in the right conditions with a trunk diameter of between 3-5 feet.  

Tiger Wood Description:

Tiger Wood Tree
Tiger wood has a medium reddish brown color with the occasional black streak running through it, giving it its unusual tiger fur appearance. The wood is very resistant to water absorption making it hard to glue.

Tiger Wood Knife Scales:

Tiger wood is an easy hard wood to work with, and they make great knife handles due to its durability. I did have to re sharpen my blades after making knife scales out of the tiger wood, but it’s worth it! I made my first pair of knife scales from Tiger wood, I would recommend trying them out for yourself!  

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