Spanish Cedar Knife Scales

Cedrela odorata
Other names: Cuban cedar, Cedro
Family: Meliaceae
Natural Range: Central and South America
Spanish cedar is a soft reddish brown type of wood that is primarily found in the Central and South Americas. The tree can reach between 65-100 feet, which a truck diameter of 3-5 feet. Unfortunately Spanish cedar has become an invasive species in the Galapagos Islands, which has been expensive to deal with.

Spanish Cedar Description:

Spanish Cedar Tree

Spanish cedar is radially available, although harder to find in larger stock. Due to its smell it is commonly used for household items to store clothing, like a blanket chests or drawers. Spanish cedar is a closer relative to Mahogany then other cedars making it a unique species.

Spanish Cedar Knife Scales:

Spanish Cedar Knife Scales
The wood grain is somewhat interlocked, which makes Spanish cedar knife scales very easy to work with. I would recommend being careful while working with Spanish cedar knife scales, it indents easily. When cutting into the wood you will smell a very distinct cedar like sent, which is great for cigar boxes. Make sure to put a thick finish on the knife handle as this is very soft wood.


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