Red Gum Wood Knife Scales

Liquidambar styraciflua 
Other names: Sweetgum, Redgum, Sapgum 
Family: Altingiaceae 
Natural Range: Southeastern United States

Red gum wood is reddish brown wood found in the southeastern United States.  The trees can grow up to 100ft tall in the right conditions with a truck diameter of about 2-3 feet.  The red gum wood tree got its name from an amberish fragrant fluid that exudes from the tree.  One of its other names is Ocotzocuahuitl, which translates to tree that gives pine resin.

 Red Gum Wood Description:

Red Gum Wood Tree
Along with the reddish brown color there is an occasional pink streak that shoots through the wood, giving this species a very unique color profile.  Red Gum wood itself is readily available, but the pieces that include heartwood reddish color are desired more which drives up the price.

Red Gum Wood Knife Scales: 

Red Gum Wood Knife Scales
Red gum wood is very low weight, and easy to work with.  I would recommend being careful while working with the knife scales, they can dent easily.  There is little to no Oder while cutting the wood, a respirator is not mandated.  If you’re looking for an easy species to work with I would recommend purchasing these knife scales.