Canarywood Knife Scales

Centrolobium spp.
Other names: Canary, Amarillo Lagarto, Araruva, Pau Rainham, Putumuju, Tarara Amarilla
Family: Fabaceae
 Natural Range: South America
Canarywood is a brightly colored wood that is found in South America. On average the canarywood tree can grow up to 100 feet in the right climate. The tree has seeds similar to maple, but double the size. 

Canarywood Description:

canary tree
The colors vary from a pale yellow orange color to a darker reddish brown, the pale colors come from its heart wood. It’s important to note that canarywood does darken in color with age, it’s best to seal it right away. Canary wood is one of my favorite woods to work with, it’s really rich in color. Canary wood is often used for knife scales, handles, and furniture

Canarywood Knife Scales:

Canarywood knife scales
Canary wood is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Canary wood also has a very distinct sent when being worked, it might be a good idea to wear a respirator. If you’re looking for a truly unique handle for your knife I would suggest purchasing a pair of canary wood knife scales.

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